Black Hair Oil Treatments

There are various treatments for black hair in terms of helping hair growth in men and women – oil treatments are popular for many thousands of years in various forms, and to some extent, they do work, and help hair growth at faster rates.

The article on Oils for Hair Growth for Black Hair explains the top listed oils for hair growth, one being called the Immortal’s Oil, as the most effective oil for hair care, hair growth and general hair well being – but of course oil is not everything, and that you need to care for your whole body and mind when taking care of yourself – the mind and emotions will have a direct effect on hormones, and these will have a direct effect on skin and hair.

Many people suffer from hormone imbalances without knowing enough – and they often hate to admit it, also many are undiagnosed, as this is something that doesn’t cause immediate pain, or life threatening, whilst it does greatly reduce quality of life, gradually, if not taken care of – the medical daoist communities believe that hormones are the power of your youth, that you can actually keep hormones with you, to a very old age, if you keep nutrition up, and keep working out enough, in enough ways (not just jogging, or just yoga, or just one aspect or type of exercise) – as well as caring for your hormones by not overeating.

That said – Black hair oil treatments are the same as any hair treatments, be it with oil, shampoo, soap or any other method of treatment. The main activity of hair growth has to still be supported, whilst these treatments are done – and this is consuming enough protein and collagen in the body, as well as sugar, fat and carbohydrates must be reduced or completely eliminated – this is a must as this reduces inflammation, and allows body cell renewal in the smoothest way possible (least amount of cell damage during replication).

This is just a general post on hair growth – so please do further research before taking action for any hair issues.